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New Moon line is here!

As a doll artist, I am thrilled to present you with my most recent creation: a new fashion ball-jointed doll line. I called them the Moon line because their intricate details and realistic features are meant to capture the beauty and elegance of nonhuman beings while also remaining a part of this world.

As you know each my doll is handcrafted, with precision and careful attention paid to every detail, making them a unique and timeless piece of art.

This line's ball-jointed design allows for a wide range of movements, making them ideal for posing and displaying in a variety of positions. The dolls' joints are carefully designed to ensure durability and stability, providing a seamless and smooth range of motion.

Overall, this line was a fun and challenging project that allowed me to push my creative boundaries. I'm excited to see where this line goes in the future and to continue experimenting with it.

One of the best aspects of BJDs is the ability to personalize them, and the Moon line is no exception. Each doll can be customized with different skin tones, eye colors, and wigs, allowing collectors to design their own doll!

During this preorder period are available 7 Faces in 5 skin tones. In this time I take orders just for 25 slots, that means you should hurry up X)

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